Habitat Association (Habitat) is a non-governmental organization that works in the field of sustainable development. Habitat was founded in 1997 by activists who came together for the Copenhagen Social Development Summit and the United Nations Habitat II Summit in 1995, aiming to play an active role in youth's sustainable development.

Habitat Association

IDEMA is a private enterprise founded by four social entrepreneur partners that develops projects in the field of socio-economic developmentaround the world and in Turkey since 2001. Besides its managing partners, IDEMA develops solutions with local and international experts in addition to its team of experienced concultants.

IDEMA Global

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“Needs Map” is an online platform where people in need meet the people who want to support and make a difference in their neighbourhood.

İhtiyaç Haritası

Sanat Mahal, with its Great Hall of two hundred and seventy seats capacity, aims to be the venue for theater groups, musicians, dance and performance teams who are working in and out of the country meeting with Bursa audiences.

Sanat Mahal