INOGAR events and trainings are offered at different levels. Please find out more about free and paid events from INOGAR activity page.

The use of the common work space at INOGAR is open for everyone attending one of the INOGAR Academy's programs.

INOGAR is divided into an entry-level test kitchen, a food entrepreneurship center, a café and a co-working space. During the day, guests and INOGAR residents can use these spaces. In INOGAR’s basement; there are maker kids lab, children technology and common working area, activity area and storage. This floor can also vary in function and be used within the weekly activity schedule. For more information, please check our event calendar and program for the common floors.

INOGAR welcomes events or meeting participants and invited guests. For the visits you will make to the founding institutions, the host will accompany you from the ground floor to the assigned meeting room. INOGAR building is protected by a 24/7 security and camera system designed and fitted to earthquake and fire regulations.

INOGAR has 4 parking spots in front of the building. Guests can also use these spots if available. Other parking options in the neighbourhood include 2 free parking spaces on the upper street and empty parking spaces on the street INOGAR is located. Special INOGAR rates apply for these parking lots. A special discount card will be given to you at your visit to INOGAR.

INOGAR has a professional test kitchen. INOGAR kitchen is available for renting when not used for the LIFE food entrepreneurship program.