The activities of INOGAR are carried out under the INO/GAR Academy. The programs to be launched in 2018 at INOGAR Academy are as follows

The Initiative Acceleration Program

The INO/GAR Initiative Acceleration Program is developed in two phases. 1.Turkey accelerator program; a week long program that will be organized at INOGAR in Istanbul. 2.International accelerator program; that will be organized in San Francisco, Boston, New York, London, Berlin, Dubai and Hong Kong.

International Accelerator Program

International Accelerator Program will be held every 2 months and will take place in the ecosystems of San Francisco, Boston, New York, London, Berlin, Dubai and Hong Kong through INOGAR’s International Network.Within the scope, entrepreneurs will be able to acquire foreign startup experiences, meet international entrepreneurs, mentors and their business-like entrepreneurs presenting an opportunity to renew their own startup business plan.

Cooperative Development Program

Within the scope of "Training for New Generation Cooperatives", a 21-hour training program has been designed with a basic level of information for people who are cooperative employees , who want to know about cooperatives and want to establish their own cooperative.While cooperatives have a long-standing experience in Turkey, compared to the international level, there isn’t sufficient progress in terms of institutionalization, reliability and functionality. Cooperatives are basically based on the principles of "Economic Participation of Partners" and "Democratic Control". This requires Cooperatives to be managed with a strong sense of governance, to adopt to corporate governance principles, to be open to innovation, and to have a strong participatory management approach.

International Branding Program

Through a "INO/GAR International Branding Program", a six-month development program has been designed for initiatives which have at least 5 years of experience in Turkish market, turning to international brands, accessing different foreign markets and managing these initiatives with international corporate culture.

New Public Administration Program

The New Public Administration Program of INO/GAR is prepared by targeting public and private companies, NGOs and universities and technoparks. Within the capacity of this program, the new public administration applications from Turkey and the world will be transferred, and further it will create new public administration strategies to sustain a culture of entrepreneurship in the public sector, and realise the execution of smart cities applications. Under the program, moreover, the New Public Administration Network of INO/GAR will be established to carry out entrepreneurship-oriented development activities in the ecosystem of new public administration ecosystem.

Food Entrepreneurship Program

Food Entrepreneurship Program is designed for 3 months by taking the internationally standardized 3 months of Food Entrepreneurship curriculum as based for the participants who either want to establish their own food enterprises or food entrepreneurs with 2 years of experience (restaurants, catering etc.)

Investment Network Program

As part of INO/GAR Network Platform, INO/GAR will be holding yearly 6 meetings that will bring investors together. On the basis of Turkey’s sustainable development, enterprises will be accepted on the six areas on the basis of importance by making investor presentation on INO/GAR Scene in order to get investments.

Tech for Development Program

Through the Tech for Development program, INOGAR aims to host applications that produces technological solutions for tackling development problems that occur because of the gap between Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0. Within this scope, in the margins of INOGAR, it is aimed to support establishment of social enterprises like www.ihtiyacharitası.org, one of INOGAR founders; and to bring into being the implementation of technological solutions for development in Turkey’s different cities.


Since its establishment, the INO/GAR aims to contribute advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a social innovation incubation center. On the basis of 17 goals, Sustainable Development Laboratory established within the INO/GAR organizational structure for bringing all actors who work in sustainable development in order to make the world a sustainable living space and encouraging to form partnerships for sustainable development aimed.

INOGAR Social Entrepreneurship Program

In recent years, Social Entrepreneurs had important contribution to social development problems by producing solutions both in Turkey and the world. In this context, the Social Initiative Program based on the experience and the spatial support of the INO / GAR has been established. Within this scope, it is aimed to develop and support social enterprises especially outside of Istanbul. Within this scope, it is aimed to contribute to social development by increasing social enterprises' diversity and number.

Civil Society Development Program

The importance of civil society in social development is adopted as a founding philosophy which has been embraced by the Habitat Association, one of the founder of INOGAR. Within this scope, with the developments ın the world, technology, rapid urbanization, non-governmental organizations, too, are transforming. In this context, the Civil Society Development Program is created. The basic approach of the Civil Society Development Program supports the initiation and implementation of strategy-based transformation processes on the basis of NGOs' strategic management-oriented development and change theory.

Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Within the context of the INO / GAR Corporate Social Responsibility Program, it is aimed to realize the social responsibility applications with development perspective. Within this scope, a development-oriented social responsibility program has been established among universities, NGOs, companies and media employees.

Moreover, throughout the year, different programs such as hackathons, trainings, panels, venture camps and kitchen workshops will be carried out with different private and public sector , civil society and international development organizations.